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In France, several regions can be discovered from the deck of one of our luxury barges, but only a handful of classic vintage boats can be classified as motor yachts on French rivers. Our selection here under is very exclusive and will satisfy the most discerning travellers.

Burgundy - Nivernais cruise

4 passengers - 6 nights - full board.

70 feet / motor yacht Randle

Randle is a traditional boat, beautifully maintained. Polished brass and varnished wood create typical classic nautical atmosphere inside. With only 2 cabins, it’s the perfect private barge to cruise the scenic Canal du Nivernais. Gourmet cuisine at selected restaurants along Randle’s cruise route.

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cruise on canal du Midi

6 passengers - 6 nights - full board.

98 feet / motor yacht Roi Soleil

Roi Soleil has more to do with luxury yachting than barging. She combines the best of yachts and barges. Her lines and mahogany and brass trim are inspired by the classic motor yachts of the 1920’s while her interior brings you the best of contemporary design and comfort.

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